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  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
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Allianz Arena, home to world-renowned football club FC Bayern Munich and 2nd Bundesliga club 1860 Munich, is located in the north of Munich. On matchdays, up to 69000 fans gather to support and celebrate their favourite teams in the breathtaking atmosphere of the stadium. Being part of this crowd is a very special experience but getting hold of tickets can be though as the matches are frequently sold out. But don’t worry – it is still worthwhile to visit the stadium for a guided tour.  


The decision in 2001 to build a new stadium in the Bavarian capital was followed by four years of intensive building activities. The result is a masterpiece of architecture, Europe’s most modern and most spectacular football stadium. Its most stunning feature can be seen even from far away: 2,760 diamond-shaped cushions forming the world’s biggest membrane cladding are wrapped around the structure. As these can be illuminated from within the whole stadium can glow in different colours when it is dark. The characteristic air-filled cushions are the reason why the stadium has been nicknamed “rubber boat” by Munich’s population. The illuminating power of the “Bavarian rubber boat” is so big that it can even be seen from Austrian mountain tops more than 75 kilometres away.

Guided tours of Allianz Arena take place every day and offer a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to the world's finest football stadium. As a visitor, you will also get to see parts of the venue normally reserved for players and coaches. Get an insider’s feeling for the place by having a look around the dressing rooms and entering the stadium via the players’ tunnel. Hungry after your tour? Gather new strength by visiting one of the restaurants and snack bars that cater for every taste.

More Information:

Allianz Arena München

Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25



Discover the future now: the futuristic BMW Welt is another of Munich's eyecatchers. The building's postmodern architecture elegantly combines steel and glass in a facade that  winds dynamically upwards. The building was opened in 2007 after a construction period of four years and has been a favourite with locals and tourists ever since.

BMW Welt is both a timeless monument for BMW's tradition in Munich and a location that offers entertainment for everyone interested in the brand. In the BMW museum visitors can get an overview of how BMW came to be one of the world's most successful automobile enterprises. While lots of historic motors and vehicles from the last decades are on display visitors will also be informed about the latest developments made by BMW.

Still, BMW Welt doesn't only function as an information centre on the history and tradition of the car manufacturer but is also used as an event venue. Glamorous evening event or special museum exhibition – there are no limits to what BMW Welt can offer. Have a look at the event calender to find out which exciting and exclusive event are scheduled to take place at BMW Welt. Maybe you could go to a party or join a nightly tour of the museum – no matter what you opt for, the staff and planners of BMW Welt will surprise you with their innovative ideas.


A high-quality restaurant offering both international and traditionally Bavarian dishes rounds off your day at BMW Welt.


More Information:
BMW Welt

Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21



A song from 1939 about Munich's Hofbräuhaus claims that even though many a beautiful city has lots of sights there is one thing special about the Hofbräuhaus: the good Munich beer. More than seventy years later, this can still said to be true and the Hofbräuhaus is still one of the most important sights of the city. Many thousands of visitors as well as locals eat and drink here every year. Feel the rustic charm and the 'Gemütlichkeit' of Munich and enjoy the mixture of foreigners and locals.

You will find the historic building at 'am Platzl', right in Munich's historic city centre. It was commissioned in 1589 by Wilhelm V., Duke of Bavaria, who was dissatisfied with the beer then brewed in Munich and therefore imported the court's supply from the city of Einbeck in Lower Saxony. As this was expensive and inconvenient the duke decided to build a brewery of his own – the Hofbräuhaus was born.

The 'Schwemme', the historic beer hall, features a richly decorated, vaulted ceiling and is considered the heart of the Hofbräuhaus. Sitting at the same ale-benches that kings,  princes and famous polititians have occupied during many a festive night you can best enjoy a fresh draft beer and soak up the special atmosphere of the place. On warm summer days, you can also relax under huge trees in the beer garden in the inner courtyard and listen to the soft ripple of the historic Bavarian Lion fountain and the hum of the city.

Check the online events calender to find out about special events taking place in the Hofbräuhaus. Maybe you would like to listen to original Bavarian music while drinking your beer and eating 'Haxn'? You will find that in the Hofbräuhaus - where 'true' Munich has found a home. 

More Information:

Hofbräuhaus München

Platzl 9




It is worth your while checking your watch when you are touring the city centre of Munich. If possible, you might want to try and be at Marienplatz at 11am, 12pm or 5pm to listen to the wonderful melody played by the Glockenspiel at these times. The Glockenspiel is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city – even though it is rather small. 

The Glockenspiel is part of Munich's New Town Hall which hosts the city government including the city council and offices of the mayor. The New Town Hall was erected in the architecture of the Gothic Revival in 1867 and is one of Munich's most pompous buildings.
It is located right in the heart of Munich's centre and a good starting point for a tour of the city.


The Glockenspiel which dates back to 1909 consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures. While the bells chime music by the composers Wagner and Brahms the figures re-enact parts of the history of the city. The whole spectacle last approximately 15 minutes. If you watch closely, you will see a small bird that chirps three times and thereby ends the show.

More Information:

Münchner Glockenspiel

Marienplatz 8



Der Park bietet eine große Zahl von Besichtigungsmöglichkeiten; dazu gehören Sea Life, der Aussichtspunkt Olympiaturm und allerlei Abenteuer-Unternehmungen, er ist auch Location für jede Menge Konzerte, Festivals und andere Events.




Mehr Informationen:

Olympiapark München





You have toured the city centre and long for a place to relax and wind down? Then Zoo Hellabrunn might be perfect for you! Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and spend a day exploring this special location. 

Zoo Hellabrunn can look back on a long history: its 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2011. With its expanse of 40 hectares the zoo belongs to the biggest urban zoos in Germany. Nowadays, the zoo is home to more than 17000 animals from Asia, Africa, Europe and many other parts of the world. Visitors can watch more than 700 species and learn lots of interesting things about them.


Hellabrunn is not a classical zoo but more of a nature reserve. Here, the animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities. Following the icons, visitors will travel around the world and experience the different habitats. Watch polar bears and penguins in the polar world or walk into the rainforest world to have a look at lions. Very special views of the animals are made possible by the prettily sculptured landscape with its various ditches, streams and bridges which has also earned the place its nickname 'Venice of zoos'.


Visitors can also get actively involved, for example with feeding the elephants. Children love the pet zoo where they can get very close to ponies, goats or lamas and are even allowed to feed them.

More Information:

Tierpark Hellabrunn

Tierparkstraße 30