• Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim

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Leaving Munich and heading north you will very soon come across the town of Garching where one of Germany's most innovative research centres is located. Architecturally, the contrast to teh Bavarian capital could not be bigger. While historic houses and churches dominate Munich's city centre, the buildings and labs of the research centre are very modern, futuristic even. Germany's first research reactor, the so-called 'atomic egg' is one of the most imposing structures on the premises and unites practical benefit with futuristic chic. It was built in 1957 and used by Garching researchers until the year 2000.


More than 6000 employees and 13000 students work and learn in the departments of physics, reactor safety, food chemistry and medical technology located on the campus. A safe and sustainable future with the help of natural sciences is the focus of their research. The Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) can also be found in Garching. Here, renowned researchers from all over the world work on ways to make energy supply more sustainable in the future.



Garching research centre regularly opens its doors to visitors and lets them get a glimpse of the fascinating world of technology and science. Have a look at the high-tech laboratories and get insights into the world of tomorrow on one of the guided tours. Round off your visit with a stroll in the green surroundings before returning to Unterschleißheim.

More information:

Forschungsinstitut Garching

Boltzmannstr. 17

85748 Garching




Competitive shooting has a long tradition in Bavaria. That's why lots of shooting ranges can be found in the county. One of the biggest, most impressive and most history-charged of these venues is the Olympic shooting range in Garching, some 20 kilometres away from Munich. It can easily be reached by public transport or by car; ample parking space is available. A visit to the shooting range will give you the opportunity to get away from big city bustle for a day and relax.


The range was the venue of the shooting competitions during the Summer Olympics of 1972. Some singular events took place during these competitions. For example, it was the first time ever that a North Korean, Li Ho-Jun, won an Olympic shooting contest. Some of the museum exhibits today still remind visitors of the legendary summer of 1972 when thousands of visitors celebrated a festival of sports.



Visitors to the range can watch professional shooters take their regular training sessions and marvel at the precision with which they fire their shots at clay discs or targets. If you are in possession of a valid licence, you can even take up a rifle yourself and join the other shooters for a few training shots – Olympic feeling included!

More information:

Olympia Schießanlage

Ingolstädter Landstr. 110

85748 Garching