• City Partner Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • City Partner Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • City Partner Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • City Partner Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • City Partner Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim

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EQUILA - the legendary horse show

50 horses, 40 riders and a love story are the fabrics EQUILA is made from. EQUILA is the opening show in the new built show palace near Allianz Arena Munich. EQUILA will be presented nowhere else.


EQUILA tells the story of a deep friendship between the young Phero and his horse. The emotional story starts in an arena, somewhere in a magic landscape with mountains, steppes and waters in some legendary place. It is the magical country EQUILA. The close connection between men and horses is reality there, and everything seems to be possible. Every year the nations of EQUILA, the Villagers and the Free Riders, carry out a big tournament. Phero and his horse want to be part of it. But before their participation becomes mandatory they will have to travel all around EQUILA and reach the peak of heroes. On their way fascinating adventures await, and Pheros' teacher  will not only be  the most skilled riders, but also beautiful Amara...


Feel touched by the magical nature of horses. Experience close up graceful horse breeds and the fasinating art of riding, breathtaking aerial acrobatics and fantastic dance choreography - all this accompanied by specially for EQULIA composed music.  The latest theatre design techniques, sound and light technologies, a most elaborate design of space, the seating system of amphitheaters, the wide playability of theater space and a stage area of 1500 square meters (16:9) offset the limits between spectators and actors. A concave LED screen with brilliant sharpness and high contrast allows an intense "right in the middle" sensation. The 650 squaremeters video screen is the core element of the set.


The following playing days are bookable:

Thursday: 19.30 o'clock

Friday: 19:30 o'clock

Saturday: 19:30 o'clock


The show lasts approximately two hours plus a break.

Our prices include tickets of the cheapest group 2. Of course you can book a higher category.  Please note that we verify the availability shortly after your booking. In case we can not get tickets in your prefered cateogry we will verify the others and and get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Hotel Alarun is located in de north of Munich in Unterschleißheim, just a few minutes' drive from the show palace. It also takes a few minutes' walk to the next railway station. Just beside the show palace are a railway station and a large parking.


Our prices:

Single room: from 170 € upwards

Double: from 284 € upwards