• Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim
  • Hotel Alarun in Unterschleißheim

Meetings & Seminars

The whole ground floor of the south wing is dedicated to meetings and seminars. We offer four meeting rooms of various sizes, each with direct access to the garden. High ceilings and windows with insect screens create an airy atmosphere. Free fast wireless LAN, air-condition (partly), beamer, television, flip charts, pin boards and workshop materials are provided.


If you need further equipment or would like to have the desks or chairs arranged in a certain way please let us know beforehand and we will make sure that the meeting room is prepared to your complete satisfaction. Please find all technical details in our conference binder.


The large break area with its own cafeteria and several suites and bar tables offers space for one-on-one talks and group communication. Snacks and cold drinks can be served in the cafeteria according to your wishes and a bean-to-cup coffee machine will provide you with a wide range of coffee specialities.



  • Free wireless LAN
  • Screens
  • Flip charts
  • Television screens
  • Stationary beamer
  • Conference equipment
  • Video recorder
  • partly air-conditioned
  • garden access
  • Cafeteria
  • comfortable break area adjacent to the meeting rooms






Meeting rooms

Our hotel is located on a Celtic settlement site. This fact has inspired its name:  'Alarun' is the Celtic word for 'flowing water'. During construction work,  Celtic jewellery was found on the premises and is now on display in our restaurant 'Freetz'. When adding the new meeting rooms we chose to also give them Celtic names, each referring to an equinox celebration.


With this festival, people thanked their gods for a successful harvest in autumn.

Meeting room details



Yule is the Celtic word for winter solstice when the days start to grow longer and lighter again.

Meeting room details

Litha (auch Lithe):

The midsummer festival is celebrated in the shortest night of the year.

Meeting room details




With this festival, the Celts worshipped the goddess of spring and celebrated the start of her reign.

Meeting room details